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Large plantings and instant colour displays

When you have a large area to fill, perhaps for Hotel or Castle grounds, or a large private garden, sometimes you need to have plants grown, especially to fit your needs.

Reserving large orders
We are able to take orders for large gardens, before the season gets going and make sure we have all of the plants reserved and ready for your required delivery or collection date.

We can organise a bedding plan with you (the gardener, or the property owner), that is repeatable each season, each year.

Bespoke growing
We are aware that for some large plantings you will need large quantities of individual colours. Given enough notice, we can grow exactly what you need, for the time that you want to plant it.

We can also plan and grow bedding plants, to be in colour and fully grown, if required, ready for an instant colour display.

We can deliver to any location within our delivery area, free of charge, on a required date, providing the order meets our minimum order requirements.

Ordering and advice
Get in touch with the office by phone or by email to discuss what we can offer. We can often give advice on what to plant for the best garden performance and when is best to plant to get the best results.

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